Vino Gross – Colles, Sauvignon Blanc, 2017

Vino Gross - Colles, 2017
Vino Gross – Colles, 2017
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

Let’s brighten up the day with some serious Sauvignon Blanc. For this one, we’re moving to Haloze where Michael and Maria Gross produce some state of art wines. Their repertoire is divided into wines defined by the terroir and those defined by maturation.

Haloze hills are caressed by the influences of Continental (Pannonian) and Alpine climates. The soil is mostly limy, poor with nutrients and vineyards grow on steep terraces with inclines reaching 65 %. Ideal conditions for the production of high-quality wines.

They rely on traditional, natural methods and follow organic winegrowing and winemaking principles. All grapes are handpicked, wines ferment spontaneously, without the aid of selected yeast, and mature for an extended period in oak barrels. All wines are bottled unfiltered.

Colles is a wine defined by the terroir. It is produced entirely from Sauvignon Blanc and bears the name of the south-facing plot from which grapes are coming from. It is their highest vineyard, with vines planted at 350 to 400 meters above sea level. The Opoka soil (clay marl) is predominant, meaning they had to drill 50 cm deep holes to plant vines.

The name Colles derives from the word kolos, which local for “high hill country”. The wine is marked by spontaneous fermentation followed by a twelve-month maturation in large used oak barrels. After a further six months of maturation in steel tanks, it was bottled without fining and filtering.

The result is spectacular. It boasts a strawy yellow colour, with a golden hue, crystalline clear and showing a dense texture.

With intense aromas that evoke grapefruit, yuzu citrus, gooseberry, yellow plum, pear, as well as tropical fruit, lemon blossom and straw. With perceiving notes of limestone and butter.

The mouth is precise, its softness intricates with freshness and minerality balancing the taste and leaving the mouth with a juicy feel. A harmonious, full-bodied Sauvignon Blanc of an intense and elegantly persistent taste which will gain esteem with every curious drinker.

A remarkable rendition to the terroir of Haloze which will only evolve with time. A must for lovers of Sauvignon Blanc!

Vino Gross - Colles, 2017
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

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