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Ščurek – Merlot Up, 2016

Ščurek – Merlot Up, 2016
Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

Tonight we’ll indulge in a real treat. We’re tasting the latest addition to Ščurek‘s prestigious line of wines, the red king Merlot Up. This wine is born by a strict selection of berries from the best plots, with extensive maturation in oak barrels.

The Ščurek family is renowned for their wide range of wines, with wines of pure varietal expressions, to those characterful ones, marked by macerations and maturation in wood, to those of creation which represent the best representations by blending several varieties and the non-plus-ultra peak of their pyramid, named Up. Their red blend UP was the first one to wear this title, but in recent years it expanded to the world acclaimed Rebula Up, Malvazija Up and the recent addition – Merlot Up.

A 100 % varietal wine, produced with selected berries, rigorous cap management, and marked by a two-year maturation in barriques, to account for a total of 1,500 bottles produced.

A deep ruby red coloured wine irradiating extraction and density in all senses.

Accentuated, charming aromas of ripe marasca cherry, blackberry, cranberry, red rose, sage, red pepper, anise, cloves, tobacco, cocoa, forest undergrowth and a light touch of smoke.

The taste is intense, intoxicating. Dry, with pronounced softness, warm yet packing crisp freshness and minerality, with tannins slowly drying out our mouth and prolonging the persistence of its noble aftertaste. A wine for nobility, potent and with a vigorous body with repeating flavours of ripe forest fruit, sweet spices and smoke also on the palate.

A bottle will cost you approximately 50 Eur and is currently available only at the winemaker. But try scoring some of the bottles, as it is worth storing them somewhere and forgetting them, as it will keep in shape for at least ten years. You can contact the Ščurek family by sending an email to or calling + 386 (0)41 625 842.

Photo: Mihaela Majerhold – Ostrovršnik

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